Welcome to Employment Solutions for People with Disabilities NPC

Employment Solutions is a non-profit organization supplies training and creates employment possibilities for persons with a variety of disabilities, including physical disabilities, mental challenges and hearing impairment.

We are a unique business orientated non-profit company that has for 20 years been facilitating employment related opportunities for persons with a variety of disabilities across all borders of our society. We strive to create a disability-friendly environment that is conducive to meaningful and productive participation.

The activities and contract work are selected to empower persons with disabilities. In addition, we deliver reliable and quality services to an array of industries/businesses which add value to their operations. The productive abilities of persons with disabilities merge with positive business integration in society.

As a leader in the NPO sector in Tshwane in empowering people with disabilities, we are focused, result-driven and optimistic in expanding our partnerships with business and government.


Empowerment through employment!


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