Employment Solutions’ Sewing Unit is a fully trained and skilled team operating in an industrial environment. Within the production lines there exists the capacity to handle:

  • High volumes 
  • Precision stitching 
  • Industrial materials like leather and canvas

The services consist of the manufacturing of:

  • Upholstery of medical furniture
  • Conference bags and gifts
  • Tool and sand bags
  • Catering linen, table cloths, serviettes, chair covers & runners 
  • Lifestyle products

Customers: Industrial Sewing

Conference and Corporate Products

Employment Solutions offers a wide selection of corporate bags, pouches and gifts. The majority of the corporate and conference items we do are highly tailored to suit each client.

A special focus is placed on using recycled materials (up-cycled pvc and leather) to manufacture products and to use removable branding to make it possible for the customer to use the beautifully made bags and accessories after the event.

Customers: Conference Items

Conference Brochure

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