Employment Solutions takes care of operations or functions that cannot be easily mechanised in a factory or business environment and is usually seen as labour intensive. The capabilities of persons with disabilities are maximised and opportunities created when we offer companies a perfect solution – a quality outsourced option. In a protective environment the operations are managed to accommodate the individual persons’ pace, stress and abilities. Close supervision and assistance are crucial.

These services consist of and include:

Assembling, wrapping, packing and finishing

  • Service/ Project:
  • Steel building components
  • Cutting to specification
  • Conduit bundling
  • E-Glass weighing and packing
  • Labeling
  • Individual item sealing
  • Packing promotional items

Administrative Fuctions and Services

  • Service/ Project:
  • Sorting and filing delivery notes
  • Barcode scanning of documents
  • Archive document scanning
  • General administrative functions (sorting and filing archive material)

Customers making use of the packing services

Customers of Administrative Services

Archive Document Scanning Information

Latest modification: 07/09/2018