Outsourced labour intensive operations

Through partnerships with companies, Employment Solutions optimises the opportunities to integrate the strengths of persons with disabilities with the requirements of business supply chains. Effective supervisory management, as well as commitment to quality services to these companies, secure long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

The benefits to business partners are:

  • Diligent personal attention to outsourced work.
  • Committed, stable, cost-effective and sustainable production solutions.
  • Employment Solutions are committed to quality services and adheres to the standard set by the specific companies.
  • Adherence to set production volumes, on-time delivery, as well as set collection dates.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Outsourcing opens up space within customers’ factories.

Business has the opportunity to include persons with disabilities without having to be disability related experts. Costs of equipment and tools are carried by business and enables Employment Solutions to focus on the empowerment of persons with disabilities.