Who we are

Employment Solutions is a unique non-profit company that facilitates employment related opportunities for persons with a variety of disabilities across all borders of our society. We are situated in Pretoria, Gauteng.

We strive to create disability-friendly work environments and provide services that are conducive to meaningful and productive participation in communities.

Through their participation they have options to enhance their purpose and confidence, gain economically and play an integrated role in society.

The challenge for the company is therefore to merge the empowering services to vulnerable and marginalised persons with disabilities with business initiatives that are mutually beneficial. We strive to facilitate true empowerment that includes BBBEE initiatives.

Vision and mission


To empower every person with disability according to their unique capabilities through integrated and meaningful employment and activities in the Gauteng North region.


  • To develop and maintain a sustainable protective workshop to cater for vulnerable disadvantaged persons with disabilities.
  • To empower these persons through appropriate employment, activities, skills transfer and development, whilst delivering quality products and services to business customers.
  • To enhance and promote the mobility, independence and dignity of persons with disabilities.
  • To facilitate the awareness of a disability-friendly environments.
  • To facilitate the development of capacity in protective workshops throughout Tshwane.