Job Simulation and Creation

Employment Solutions manages a protective workshop in Prinshof (Pretoria) where 130 persons with an array of disabilities are empowered in a safe disability-friendly environment.

The daily operations are executed through different activity units. Responsibilities are delegated in a process of fitting the person’s abilities to the activity.

Persons with disabilities are empowered through their access to:

  • Psycho-Social services and a wellness programme
  • Life Skills development
  • Skills training
  • Recreational outings and social events
  • Leadership development that includes an active Participant Committee

The Participant Committee has the interests of participants at heart and is a link between participants and management.

Participation in projects:

In the simulated work environment persons with disabilities participate according to their unique abilities and skills. Their capabilities are matched with the requirements of the different projects. Their social skills and needs are also considered during the integration period. Persons may also participate in different activities and projects.

A supervisory structure secures safe, healthy and meaningful participation on a daily basis.

Activity Centre and Recreational Programme

On 13 April 2015 we started with an Activity Centre for persons with disabilities who are not able to function within a more productive environment. The aim of the Centre is to provide a variety of meaningful activities.

The Centre is focused on:

  • Facilitating a stimulation programme
  • Providing socialisation opportunities
  • Giving individualised day care
  • Provide fun and healthly excersizes

The Activity Centre values the involvement of volunteers and the support and contributions from the community. Donations of materials that can be used in activities, refreshments as well as participation in the daily program secure the sustainability of this initiative.

Latest modification: 20/03/2017