Government support

Government departments have an obligation to provide services to all the citizens of South Africa, including persons with disabilities. These services also focus on persons with disabilities’ rights to meaningful activities and accommodation in protective workshop environments.

Government departments therefore enable with non-profit companies, such as Employment Solutions, to ensure that services reach persons with disabilities through agreed upon interventions and constructive activity programmes.

Employment Solutions is supported by:

  • The Gauteng Department of Social Development subsidises the accommodation of vulnerable persons with disabilities in a protective environment with a focus on access to meaningful activities, phyco-social services, and personal care in accordance with the individuals’ needs. This department also supports the Jacaranda Protective Workshop Forum.
  • The Department of Employment and Labour facilitates access of those persons with disabilities who cannot be included in the open labour market, into protective workshop environment. Employment Solutions is included in the Protective Workshop Subsidy Scheme. This subsidy has the primary aim to increase the income of beneficiaries with disabilities in a protective environment.
  • The National Lotteries Commission has supported job creation for persons with disabilities with grants that were focused on infra-structure development, that amongst others supplied vehicles to the organisation.