CSI and Enterprise Development Opportunities

Within the economy of South Africa, corporations are turning their attention towards Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives. CSI is an opportunity for companies to become socially responsible and contribute positively towards the society in which they operate as this is integral to business success as well as economic sustainability.

Employment Solutions offers corporate companies an excellent opportunity to facilitate CSI projects of their choice and contribute towards social and economic growth in South Africa.

There is also an opportunity for companies to partner with Employment Solutions to establish Enterprise Development projects, in line with BBBEE requirements

Through Employment Solutions companies can:

  • Realise their objectives to integrate social and organisational values
  • Utilise CSI initiatives to make a sustainable and impactful difference

Employment Solutions has a track record as not only a sustainable service provider to persons with disabilities but also as an innovative organisation initiating and managing various projects in an array of communities in Tshwane. CSI funding enables the organisation to transfer skills and develop resources for persons with disabilities in disadvantaged communities.

Benefits of CSI investments in Employment Solutions:

  • BBBEE: 100% BBBEE SED Recognition
  • Section 18A tax certificate
  • Taylor made answers to your specific needs
  • Employment Solutions passed high standard CSI due diligent evaluations by significant corporates that invested in our programmes
  • Opportunities for corporate staff to volunteer their time e.g. on Mandela Day

Examples of recently sponsored projects include:

  • DG Murray Trust: Setting up a structure and developing an Activity Centre for persons who are not able to participate in the protective workshop activities and developing wheelchair repair units in Tshwane.
  • Momentum: Training sponsored to build income generation capacity amongst groups of persons with disabilities
  • Old Mutual Foundation: Sustaining the protective workshop enterprise by sponsoring a forklift. Sponsoring Job Preparation Training.
  • AVBOB: Sponsoring production equipment like pallet trolleys, ladders etc.
  • Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development: Established a vegetable garden
  • Rotary: Donation of 10 wheelchairs and 6 sewing machines
  • NLC: Erecting 4 vegatable tunnels

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Latest modification: 07/09/2018