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Employment Solutions offers skills training and creates vocational options for people across demographics living with various disabilities. In April 1999 Employment Solutions was registered as a Non Profit Company under the name selected by the participants of the company.

The challenge in this organisation is to manage projects that become community resources for persons with disabilities to introduce them to employment simulation and options.

What makes our approach unique is that we offer valuable services focused on job related capacity building - therefore not only giving dignity and purpose to a marginalised part of our society, but also offering services that make business sense in the socio-economic environment.

Persons with disabilities have special challenges in obtaining employment. Workplaces are not disability-friendly, people are not sensitive and coping with day-to-day activities can be very challenging. Employment Solutions therefore strives to promote accommodating and disability-friendly work environments.


  • To empower every person with a disability in Gauteng North according to their unique capabilities through integrated and meaningful access to vocational and employment options


  • To develop and maintain a sustainable protective workshop for persons with disabilities
  • To empower these persons through appropriate skills transfer and development, whilst delivering quality products and services in its projects
  • To facilitate the awareness of a disability-friendly work environment
  • To promote the recruitment and placement of candidates with disabilities
  • To enhance and promote the mobility, independence and dignity of persons with disabilities
  • To facilitate the development of capacity in protective workshops and disability groups throughout Tshwane

Values statement

In order to achieve our vision and mission Employment Solutions is committed to the following values:

  • Respect the dignity of all people
  • Honouring human rights
  • Fostering an inclusive culture
  • Believing in the potential and capabilities of every person
  • Maintaining honest and transparent business relationships
  • Adhering to accountability principles
  • Commitment to quality, reliability and on-time delivery within projects
  • Commitment to health, safety, environmental responsibility and sustainable development

Employment Solutions values the alignment of its activities with the UN Convention and South African legislation relevant to the rights of persons with disabilities.

Company documents

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