Welcome to Employment Solutions

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We are a unique non-profit organization that facilitates employment and vocational options as well as opportunities for persons with a variety of disabilities across all borders of our society. We strive to create a disability-friendly environment that is conducive to meaningful and productive participation.

The activities and projects are selected to fit the capabilities of persons with disabilities. Through their participation they have the opportunity and options to enhance their purpose and confidence. Attributes that motivate active involvement in and integration into society.

Services rendered in Tshwane are:

  • Capacity building of more than 20 protective workshops in Gauteng North
  • Job creation and recruitment of persons with disabilities
  • A protective workshop in the centre of Tshwane that caters for the participation and training of persons with disabilities
  • Mobility development of persons with disabilities by providing and facilitating wheelchair repair services
  • Activity centre for persons with severe disabilities
  • Disability awareness campaigns

Disability Awareness Campaign made possible by NLC Arts and Culture